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Hamden, CT

Home of The Perfect Human Diet™ documentary, exciting follow-up film projects, the "how-to" companion book, reporters blog and personally vetted resources that will bring you "The Health and Life You Deserve™". 

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Join the Team

Thank you for accepting this private invitation to join with Robb Wolf, Dr Jeff Gerber, Drs Michael & Mary Dan Eades, Dr Ann Childers and Dr Lane Sebring today and become part of an exclusive, one-of-a-kind producers’ group, limited to 500 Ancestral Health, LCHF, Paleo/Primal Physicians, D.C.s and Practitioners, willing to contribute $1k, to fully fund the film’s production and Oscar run.

This unique, elite group approach to feature film sponsorship, has a number of advantages, which will not only expedite production, but will broadly expand the promotion of dietary principles to the public, while also creating advantageous ways of promoting your individual practices.

Together we will have the satisfaction of providing the current science, the truth, about the biggest questions that have surfaced after the first film, and most importantly, those that continue to confuse the public undermining the health of millions. 

Such as: 

  • The China Study and veganism
  • The new USDA food plate (politics vs. science)
  • Animal foods
  • Sustainability and Regeneration
  • And more...

Join the PHD2 Physicians and Providers EP team and you receive:

‣ Opening Film Credits

‣ Official Film Poster Credits

‣ Credit in all Film Promotions, e.g., Made Possible by the "Ancestral Health Physicians and Providers Producers Circle" (like PBS).

Individual Closing Film Credits: Personal credit for you & your practice.

Exclusive "PHD2 Sponsor Logo" Rights for use on your website and printed promotional materials.

Two (2) tickets to one of our Oscar-qualifying screenings (transportation and lodging not included).

Director’s Thank You Edition copy of the film.

Online referral links to your practice.

Certainly, sponsoring this effort with your fellow physicians and practitioners makes for great PR, opening doors to TV talk and news programs and print stories, while dispelling accusations of meat industry lobbyists’ influence.  

Finally, we are professionals, not novices. You can join us as Executive Producers of THE PERFECT HUMAN DIET 2™, the follow-up to the international best-selling film, with the confidence of supporting a proven and successful film team.


The Film: Arising out of the success of the iTunes #1 documentary and #1 independent film “The Perfect Human Diet” we return to dispel the major dietary untruths that continue to destroy our health, largely due to outdated science and Media bias towards vegetarian propaganda.

The Host: CJ Hunt once again seeks out the revelatory findings of scientific experts to bring out the truth behind three hot questions surrounding human diet, our habits and our future.

The Questions: Ever since its debut, The China Study has been the go to bastion for vegetarians, but what has been omitted from this misleading anti-animal foods message needs an honest update.

As of January 7th, 2016, there are "new" USDA Dietary Guidelines which still advocate low-fat foods, grains and vilify saturated fat. What is really driving this seal of dietary approval in our government? and at what cost?

The dietary catch-word of the21 century is "sustainability", but there is a new voice saying it should be "reclamation." As you probably know, Animals are critical ingredient, yet few believe that.

*The Oscars: The film will be timed for entry into Oscar consideration. Part of the Oscar submission process requires full week theatrical screenings in NY and LA, four showings a day.